četrtek, 17. maj 2018

The Dark Angel

An old lady died today. A mother. I am blessed, it wasn't my mother.
A cancer diagnosis was received today. I am blessed, it wasn't me.
A radical surgery was performed today. A disabling one. On a previously seemingly healthy father. I am blessed, it wasn't my husband.
A young man found out he has a year to live. I am blessed, it wasn't my son.
An elderly man was bleeding on the operating table today after a routine minimal invasive procedure got complicated. As I was pressing the vessel to stop the bleeding I thought 'I hope he makes it through the night'. I am blessed, it wasn't my father.

But I was there with all these people. I see them die. I watch their worlds crumble to pieces. And their families'. I do my best to try and help them as much as I can.
And then I come home. I put down the wings of The Dark Angel. And am so happy to be alive. And so blessed.

2 komentarja:

  1. Včasih pridejo takšni dnevi, da nas spomnijo na hvaležnost v majhnih stvareh... Lep angel...